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Chances are that at some point you will deal with the effects of dental plaque in the form of cavities and/or gum disease. With the help of us at the dental practice of Richard G. Viagrande, DMD, you can make those effects either non-existent or as minimal as possible.

With good nutrition, reduced intake of sugar and starch, and a commitment to thorough and regular brushing and flossing, you’ll be engaging in the best strategy for stopping dental plaque in its tracks so that it does not cause harm to your oral health. Our Waltham dentist office advises you to brush your teeth first thing each morning, last thing each night, and also after meals. Flossing is only needed once daily, and the closer to bedtime the better. Doing so removes most, if not all, of the dental plaque that has accumulated throughout the day. If any does remain, such as what hides away in gum pockets and otherwise out of reach, it will turn into tartar. Dental plaque is film-like, but tartar is crusty and hardened. The only way to efficiently eradicate it is with a professional teeth cleaning. When you visit our Waltham dentist office for your six month oral examination, you’ll get one, which goes a long way toward keeping new cavities from developing, and keeping gum disease from progressing to an advanced stage. If you have any existing cavities, they will be filled in a timely manner so that there is less opportunity for a toothache or infection to be sustained. And because of that, you will be more likely to keep your teeth strong and healthy in the long run.

Never be misled into thinking that you’re powerless against the onslaught of dental plaque. All you have to do is contact our Waltham dentist office to book an appointment to come in for preventive care.

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